$FREECZ isn’t just a token; it’s a banner under which all crypto enthusiasts, the meme lords, and the blockchain believers unite. We’re here to remind the world that crypto is about breaking barriers, pushing boundaries, and yes, having a good laugh while we’re at it.

We’re loyal supporters of CZ’s vision and stand in solidarity with all crypto innovators facing the Goliaths of regulation and misunderstanding. Our mission is twofold – to amplify the voice of the crypto community through humor and to advocate for a future where digital currencies are recognized not just as legitimate, but as catalysts of financial revolution.

For the Love of Crypto, Memes, and CZ’s Freedom!

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Zero Tax


Total Supply

10 Billion Tokens

We have migrated from 0xe4d6acefb047a45e3b3352d1b2b06f5787a2a1be (BSC) to


How To Join

As CZ Steps Down, The Community Steps UP

We are the digital Robin Hood of the crypto forest – taking the seriousness down a notch and spreading the crypto love.
We’re not just supporting CZ; we’re riding the rollercoaster of crypto life right alongside him.

Step 1 - Setup Your Digital Wallet

Install MetaMask (or another wallet of your preference) from the app store or Google Play. If you’re on a desktop, you can add the MetaMask extension to your Google Chrome by visiting metamask.io.

Step 2 - Uniswap

Go to https://app.uniswap.org/tokens/ethereum/0x80286b475969e032bdfb85639fed4d4f30ea9526

Make sure you support our TG https://t.me/freeCZ_OfficialPortal

Echoing CZ's Call: For a Stronger Crypto, We Stand Tall

At FREECZ, we’re redefining the crypto world as a playground of freedom and fun.

Join us, where we speak crypto, laugh at volatility, and hodl our tokens like treasures. We’re more than a market; we’re a community that lives for the laugh. If you’re not having fun while printing, you’re not doing crypto right!

Contract Renounced
Liquidity Locked 



Disclaimer: This token is a commemorative meme token created solely to celebrate the contributions of Changpeng Zhao (CZ) to the cryptocurrency space. It has no affiliation with CZ, and it holds no utility or intrinsic value. Created for entertainment purposes only.

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